Wallpaper Information

Are these wallpapers removable?

Yes, our wallpapers are removable. To remove our wallpaper, simply peel and edge with your fingernail and slowly peel the wallpaper off the wall.

Will the wallpaper damage the wall when removed or take off the paint?

If our wallpaper has been installed onto our recommended surfaces and installed correctly, our wallpaper will not leave any damage onto your walls. Since we cannot guarantee the surface condition or paint used on the wall there may be slight paint chips on the back of the wallpaper when removed.

We recommend ordering a sample for you test out on your wall before purchasing our wallpaper if you unsure. Red Panda Wall Stickers is not responsible for any damage that may occur.

Where can I order a sample?

Yes, all our wallpapers can be ordered as samples via their respective product page. Each sample is 210mm H x 210mm W with the pattern scaled down to show the entire pattern.

Alternatively, our sample packs can be ordered for free which provide some information about the different materials we offer at Red Panda Wall Stickers.

Do you offer custom sizing, design or colour options?

Yes! We can custom our designs and wallpaper sizing to fit your needs. Just send us email via the contact form HERE to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members.

Are the wallpapers reusable?

Unfortunately, once our wallpapers have been stuck down we do not recommend reusing them once removed. This is because the level adhesion from our wallpaper cannot be guaranteed on the 2nd installation to ensure that it will stay up on your wall.

What is the best way to install these wallpapers on to my wall?

Each order will include an instruction sheet on how to the best installation process our wallpapers. Generally we recommend installing our wallpaper starting from the top left of your wall to the bottom right.

I am not sure how much wallpaper I need to order?

Each wallpaper pattern set measures 1200mm H x 1200mm W and will arrive as two printed rolls, measuring 1200mm H x 600mm W. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When buying a set of our wallpaper, each pattern will repeat horizontally. If you are looking to repeat the pattern vertically, please contact us to request a custom proof before ordering.

Once you have worked out the measurements of the wall you are looking to cover, simply follow this guide.

  • 1200mm H x 1200mm W – 1 wallpaper set
  • 2400mm H x 1200mm W – 2 wallpaper sets
  • 2400mm H x 1800mm W – 4 wallpaper sets
  • 2400mm H x 2400mm W – 4 wallpaper sets
  • 2400mm H x 3000mm W – 6 wallpaper sets
  • 2400mm H x 3600mm W – 6 wallpaper sets

Please note that this is just a rough guide. For specific sizes or clarity, please do not hesitate to email us your dimensions and wallpaper design via our contact form HERE.