Installation Instructions

Before installing any of our products please ensure that you have read our product information and safety policy. For wallpaper and wall mural orders, please follow the instructions included with your order.

Product Information

Safety Policy


Before applying our products please ensure that the wall is smooth, flat and dry. Remove any dirt, grease, dust and residue from any cleaning products by wiping the wall with a warm, damp cloth and allow it to completely dry before applying any of our stickers or decals.

If you have recently painted or repaired your walls, please allow at least 30 days before applying our stickers or decals. The wall surface must be free of imperfections such as cracks, holes, chipped or flaking paint, damage and moisture to ensure that our products adhere to your wall.

If using a primer, please ensure that it has been applied at least 24 hours before installing any of our products.

Peel and stick method
Our decals are easy to install and all you require is painter’s tape and a squeegee/credit card.

For smaller decals, simply peel, stick and smooth. 

For larger decals or to test the positioning of your decal before installation, expose 10cm of the adhesive on the top of your wall decal and stick it onto your wall. Apply a strip of masking tape at the top to secure it into place. Once you are happy with the position, reach behind and slowly peel the backing paper away. With your other hand, smooth and apply the sticker to the wall using your squeegee or credit card.

Tip: Keep the backing sheet in a safe place in case you would like to reposition your wall decal in the future. Simply restick the wall decal onto the backing paper and move to your desired location. Please note this only applies to our fabric printed wall decals.

Vinyl Instruction
For decals that include an application film please follow the below instructions. You will need painter’s tape and a squeegee/credit card

Once you have ensured that the wall surface is safely prepared and cleaned. Smooth out the wall sticker to ensure that the decal is stuck to the application tape. Place the wall decal onto the wall and use a piece of painter’s tape across the top of the decal to hold up the decal against the wall. This will act as your “hinge.”

Flip the decal up on itself and peel the backing paper away from the wall sticker.

Now slowly lay the wall sticker back into position onto your wall. Hold the bottom of the sticker away from the wall and use a squeegee or credit card to evenly smooth out the wall sticker onto the wall. For best results, move from the centre of the design to the outside, applying pressure back and forth to ensure a smooth bond and that no air bubbles are formed.

Remove the painter’s tapes and also the  application tape by starting in one corner and slowly peeling to the opposite corner. For best results peel back on the application tape back on itself at 180° angle. If any part of the decal adheres to the tape instead of the surface, simply roll it back into position and rub the decal to help adhere it to the wall.

To remove your wall decals, simply use your fingernail or blade of a knife to lift the edge of the decal. Then peel back slowly.