Product Information

Product Information

Before purchasing our products, it is important to fully read all of the information below in order to get the safest and best experience with our wall decals and wallpapers.

Majority of our range is produced on our Fabric material including our wallpapers and wall murals. These products are produced on a polyester fabric material that is self adhesive allowing you to peel and stick on any flat surface. Our Fabric material is printed with non-toxic inks which leave no odour and are both Removable and Reusable. You can easily use this product on colour walls as our Fabric material is opaque meaning no wall paint colours will show through the material.

Please note, all products from Red Panda Wall Stickers are not recommended for use on textured surfaces, teflon, wash & wear or low sheen painted surfaces, old/flaky painted surfaces or newly painted surfaces within 4 weeks.



This product will adhere and peel off the wall easily when applied to the correct surface. Please ensure that you do not adhere our products onto walls painted with telfon or wash and wear paints without applying a self adhesive prep coat at least 24 hours before application. We also don’t recommend applying our products onto textured surfaces, old and flaky paints surfaces and new painted surfaces less than 4 weeks old.

Red Panda Wall Stickers will not be able to provide a refund for any orders that have been applied against our recommended surfaces. We always recommend ordering a sample prior to purchasing to test our products on your walls.


Products that have a reusable feature can be reused over a period of time as long as they are kept in good condition and stay free of dirt and damage. Please note, as the product ages and is installed and removed from the wall, the level of adhesion will decrease over time. Red Panda Wall Stickers cannot refund or replace any wall decals or wallpapers that become unusable due to various circumstances that each product is subjected to.

Wash & Wear Paint: 

Our products are not recommended for use on “wash & wear” or teflon based paints. “Washable” paints contain additives which act as a repellent to any adhesive applied to the wall. These paints are sold and used in many modern homes and can be referred to by many names such as “wash and wear”, “stain resistant” and “washable products”. We advise you to always check with the paint manufacturer before installing our products.

Please Note, Red Panda Wall Stickers and our customers have found that our products will adhere to these “wash and wear” painted surfaces however we cannot make any guarantees. For best adhesion on any painted wall surfaces, we recommend using VIPONDS Self Adhesive Prep Coat, 24 hours before installing your wall decals. 

Order a Self Adhesive Prep Coat here.

Paint Damage: 

We encourage all customers to test a sample of our products before purchasing any wall decals or wallpapers from us. We also recommend checking with your paint provider that your painted wall is suitable for our peel & stick self adhesive products. For renters in particular, please check with your landlord for further information about the condition of your wall.

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback and years of product testing by our suppliers, we cannot guarantee that our wall decals and wallpapers will work under every and all circumstances. Due to the varying nature of different walls, surfaces, age and paint used, Red Panda Wall Stickers does not take any responsibility for any damage that our products may cause to your walls.

Care and Maintenance
Our products can be used in outdoor conditions however as they are likely to be exposed to the elements, they will have a tendency to wear out quicker over time.

Areas of high humidity such as the bathrooms should be avoided. In addition, we strictly do not advise our products to be used as a kitchen splashback behind any stoves or sinks.

To clean our products, simply wipe with a dry or damp cloth with water. Any cleaning solvents will damage the print.

Please check that the wall decal or wallpaper is securely attached to the wall regularly. Once adhesion has been exposed, remove the product from the wall immediately.