Product Disclaimer

Before ordering, please check with your paint manufacturer to ensure self-adhesive wall stickers will stick to your type of wall. If renting, we recommend checking with your landlord the age and type of paint used on your walls  Our products will not adhere to surfaces that use:

  • Teflon paint
  • Wash & Wear Paint
  • Low Sheen Paint
  • Old flaky painted surface
  • Brand new painted surface
    (please wait at least 4 weeks before installing new graphics on freshly painted walls.)

Many modern paints contain additives which are designed to repel any products adhered to the wall. Failing to do so will result in our products falling off the wall or large bubbles after installation.

If you are unsure what paint is used on your wall, we recommend applying two coats of Self Adhesive Prep Coat a minimum of 24 hours before applying our products. This prep coat has been specially made to increase the adhesion of our products onto the wall.

Order a can of Self Adhesive Prep Coat here.

To test the suitability of our products on your wall, order a free sample pack here.

Our wall decals are designed to be used on indoor walls, glass,mirrors and brushed metals. We do not recommend using our products on textured walls, in or around heat and wet areas such as kitchen splashbacks or bathrooms and painted walls with repellent features.

Always read the Product Information & Safety Policy before purchasing.