Safety Policy

For the best experience with our wall decals and wallpaper, please read our product information page

Please check that the wall decal or wallpaper is securely attached to the wall regularly. Once adhesion has been exposed, remove the product from the wall immediately. 

All our products should be installed by an adult.

Our products are designed to be used for decoration purposes only. Please keep them out of reach of children. Please ensure that any wall decals or wallpapers installed above or around a sleeping space are correctly installed and checked regularly to ensure that they are secured to the wall.

Packaging of our products should never be placed within reach of children to avoid any possible choking or suffocation hazards.

Areas of high humidity such as the bathrooms should be avoided. In addition, we strictly do not advise our products to be used as a kitchen splash-back behind any stoves or sinks.

To clean our products, simply wipe with a dry or damp cloth with water. Any cleaning solvents will damage the print.

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback and years of product testing by our suppliers, we cannot guarantee that our wall decals and wallpapers will work under every and all circumstances. 

Due to the varying nature of different walls, surfaces, age and paint used, Red Panda Wall Stickers does not take any responsibility for any damage that our products have caused due to incorrect installation or installation in or around any sleep spaces.